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Certificate of Compliance

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A Certificate of Compliance is a legal document that 1) corrects an illegal subdivision of land and/or 2) that certifies that a parcel(s) is a legal parcel of land. In 1975, the California legislator approved legislation to allow correction of illegal subdivision that occurred prior to April 1975. Illegal subdivisions that occurred after April 1975 must fully comply with current subdivision regulations. (Refer to Subdivision instructions).

Normally, a Certificate of Compliance is issued to verify that a property description or plot plan or parcel map legally refer to a legal parcel of land.

  • A Certificate of Compliance to verify that a lot is legal can be obtained by providing:
  • A copy of title insurance report providing the legal description of the property
  • A plot plan drawn to scale showing the size of the lot and exact location of all existing and proposed buildings
  • Documentation to prove that the property was legally divided, such as a tax bill, a grant deed or title search issued by a tile insurance company.

Sometimes a new owner or seller may be unable to complete the transfer of a parcel of land to a second party due to an illegal lot split. A common example of this involves the construction of a second residence on a large parcel of land. The subsequent illegal and improper sale of the second residence to a second party without issuance of building permits and recordation in Assessors Parcel Records would require correction of the illegal subdivision.