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Although every effort is made to provide complete and accurate information on this website and all its documents, users are advised to contact applicable County Resource Management Agency staff before making project decisions and fee estimates.

Use Permit

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What is a Use Permit and why is it needed?
A use permit is granted to allow a special activity, use or business subject to special conditions designed to protect the public health, welfare and safety of surrounding neighborhoods and the community.

The County of Monterey Zoning Code has established special uses that are permitted in zoning districts.   Conditional use permit applications must be reviewed individually to determine that the proposed use will not cause harm or impacts to residents, the neighborhood, and community or impact the character and orderly growth of a particular area. 

Which types of activities require a Use Permit?
It depends the zoning district in which the proposed project is located. However, some uses require a Use Permit no matter where they are located.  These include Development on Slopes over 30%, Ridgeline Development, Hotels, and Service Stations. 
To determine if your specific project will require a Use Permit please call (831) 755-5025.

How is a Use Permit Granted?
All Use Permit applications are decided at a public hearing by either the Zoning Administrator or the Planning Commission. In order to grant the Use Permit, these decision makers must adopt findings that the proposed use will not adversely affect the health, safety, and welfare of the community. Please view the brochure on the Planning Permit Process for information on the steps involved in obtaining a Use Permit and view the Fee List for the required application fees.

Ordinance References for Use Permits
Chapter 21.74-Title 21 (Inland Area)
The requirements for Use Permits in the various zoning districts are listed in Title 21 (Inland Areas) 

Note:  Use Permit requirements apply only to the inland areas of the County.  In the Coastal Zone, a Coastal Development Permit, is the equivalent of a Use Permit.