Litter Abatement Program - Fiscal Year 2015-2016

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Litter Abatement Program provides for the collection and disposal of litter, debris and hazardous material that have been illegally dumped along County roads. Litter abatement is a seven-day a week operation staffed by two rotating litter guards, supplemented by Monterey County Sheriff's Work Alternative Program workers.

The Litter program annually removes 150-200 tons of household and industrial materials. The Division is a strong supporter of the Monterey County Litter Abatement Task Force. This task force provides resources on waste disposal sites, community clean up events and other useful recycling information. The Litter division has partnered with Monterey County Environmental Health Department and Waste Management in an effort to educate the public.

Litter Abatement Webapp (FY 15-16)

Use the map below to view locations where litter was collected by the Litter Division from June 2015 to June 2016. Click on a point to view available litter description and/or photo.



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