Long Trail Equestrain Permit

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How to Obtain a Permit to access

the Long Trail at Los Robles Equestrian Camp


The Long Trail is now open!  The Long Trail is located on an active cattle ranch adjacent to the Los Robles Equestrian Camp (EREC).  Use of the Long Trail is a privilege for permitted equestrians giving them the opportunity to ride their horse on an eleven (11) mile trail ride.

Equestrians who wish to access the Long Trail must obtain a permit, watch the Trail Etiquette video, and sign a waiver each time they use the trail.

This trail is not a hiking trail - only permitted equestrians may access it.  There are no amenities located on this property.

There is no permit fee to access the Long Trail.  Day Use Entry fees and horse fees are applicable when entering North Shore, Lake San Antonio.

To watch the Trail Etiquette video, click here

To obtain a permit click here

Steps to obtain permit:

  1. If you have a user account, you will need to log in by entering your Username or Email address and Password, then Click Log In.

  2. If you need to create a Monterey County Account, you will need to fill in all required fields. Then Click “Next Step: Other Account Members”
    If you have additional Account Members you would like to add, click “Add Account Members” and complete the steps above.
    If you do not have additional Account Members to add, click “Save & Close”

  3. a: To obtain a permit, click on the Long Trail tab at top of screen.
    b: Choose “Drop-In Date’
    c: Then Click “Add to Cart”

  4. Your Cart will appear for check out.
    Confirm your date and total should be $0.00

    If you wish to add additional dates, Click Closed
    Choose another date and click “Add to Cart”.
    Repeat until all dates are added, then click “Checkout”
    If you have chosen all the dates you will access the trail, please click “Checkout”.


  5. Answer Prompt Questions.
    a: Questions 1 & 2 are collected should an emergency arise.
    b: Question 3 reminds customer they need to water the Trail Etiquette & Rules video
    c: Questions 4 & 5 allow you to pre-pay your day use entry fee and horse fee when obtaining your permit.

    If all is correct, click “Submit Responses”

  6. You are now asked to sign the “Waivers” associated with the permit.
    d: Waiver and Release Agreement
    e: Use your mouse to sign your name, then click on “Save”
    f: Long Trail Etiquette Video

    For subsequent waivers, click on “I agree on behalf of your name”. The signature is populated, then click on “Save”

  7. Once all waivers have been signed, click on “Confirm Waiver Agreement”

  8. Your Cart will appear, please check to confirm the following is correct:
    g: Date of access is correct
    h: Your Day Use Entry fees is correct
    i: Your Horse fee is correct
    j: The total charges are correct:
    1) Permit for Long Trail no applicable permit fees*
    2) Pre-paid Day use Entry Fee
    3) Pre-paid Horse Fee
    k: If all is correct, click “Continue to Payment”

  9. *There is no permit fee applicable to access the Long Trail. However, day use entry fees and horse fees are applicable when entering the North Shore, Lake San Antonio.

    If you are not pre-paying for your day use entry fee or horse fee, you will not have a balance due.

    Click “Complete Transaction” and you will see a copy of the receipt.
    Send yourself a copy of the receipt to your email. You must be prepared to show the permit should you be asked (either hard copy or on your mobile device).

    On-line payments only allow for debit/credit card payments. All transactions are subject to our third-party merchant fee of 2.25% (minimum of $1.95).