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National Weather Service Terms

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Watches And Warnings


The given event (i.e. flash flood, tornado etc.) is possible and advance preparedness activities should be taken. (Think of as a "yellow alert".)


The event in imminent or already occurring. Take immediate steps to save lives and property. ("Red alert")

Flash Flood:

A flood event which happens within a few hours of excessive rainfall, dam break or levee failure. Not necessarily, or even usually a "wall of water".

  • Flash Flood Watch: issued by WSFO - Redwood City Office
  • Flash Flood Warning: issued by WSO - Redwood City Office
  • Flash Flood Statement: update Watch or Warning
  • Urban and/or Small Stress Flooding: Less critical event when minor flooding of underpasses, street, low lying areas, small streams and drainage channels occurs.

River Forecasts:

Forecast of stage and time of crest on major riverine systems. Levels of warning stage and flood stage. Also tidal effects in Delta area.

  • Guidance by: Calif/Nev River Forecast Center
  • Issued by: office with Hydrologic Service Area (HSA)

Coastal Flooding:

From minor tidal overflow to major inundation of coastal sections. Factors contributing are storm surge, tidal cycle and beach topography.

  • Coastal Flooding Watch: issued by WSFO
  • Coastal Flooding Warning: issued by WSO
  • Marine Weather Statements: used for less severe episodes.

High Wind:

Sustained winds greater than or equal to 40 MPH and/or gusts above 57 MPH.

  • High Wind Watch: issued by WSFO
  • High Wind Warning: issued by WSO

Winter Storm:

(for California mountains)

Snow accumulations of:

  • 7000' and below at least 8" in 12 hours or 12" in 24 hours: Winter Storm Watch: issued by WSFO
  • Above 7000' at least 12" in 12 hours or 18 in 24 hours: Winter Storm Warning: issued by WSFO/WSO
  • Non-mountain areas at least 4" in 12 hours or 6" in 24 hours: Special Weather Statements: to update Watch/Warning


Extended period of snow (3 hours or more) with sustained winds of 35 MPH or greater and visibility frequently below 1/4 mile.


A violently rotating column of air pendulant from a cumulonimbus cloud and touching the ground. (If it does not touch the ground it is a funnel cloud.)

  • Tornado Watch: issued by National Severe Storm Forecast Center (NSSFC)
  • Tornado Warning: issued by WSO
  • Severe Weather Statement: updates Watch/Warning

Severe Thunderstorm:

A thunderstorm with gusting to 50 knot (58 MPH) or hail 3/4" or greater in diameter.

  • Severe Thunderstorm Watch: issued by NSSFC
  • Severe Thunderstorm Warning: issued by WSO
  • Severe Weather Statement: updates Watch/Warning

Traveler's Advisory:

Hazardous driving conditions caused by snow, ice, fog, wind, dust etc.