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Although every effort is made to provide complete and accurate information on this website and all its documents, users are advised to contact applicable County Resource Management Agency staff before making project decisions and fee estimates.

Public Works & Facilities

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Welcome to RMA Public Works & Facilities

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About RMA Public Works & Facilities

The Public Works & Facilities division maintains the County's infrastructure including roads, bridges, County facilities, and Parks operations.

RMA Deputy Director of Public Works and Facilities - Carl P. Holm, AICP 
Administrative Secretary - Melissa McDougal 

  • Public Works - Manages capital projects and maintenance of infrastructure (roads and bridges). Include engineering services. 

    Chief of Public Works - Randell Ishii, M.S., P.E.
    Senior Civil Engineer – Enrique M. Saavedra, PE
    Senior Civil Engineer – Chad Alinio
    Senior Civil Engineer – Jonathan Pascua
    Maintenance Manager/Roads & Bridges- Shawn Atkins

  • Facilities – Manages capital projects and maintenance of County facilities and operations.

    Chief of Facilities - Lindsey Lerable
    Maintenance Manager/Facilities - Mario Salazar
    Project Manager III – Florence Kabwasa-Green     

  • Parks Operations - Manages County park facilities and operations.

    Chief of Parks -  James Rodems 
    County Park Ranger Manager - Vacant
    Operations Manager/Parks -Bryan Flores 


Public Works, Parks and Facilities Staff

Carl P. Holm 

Deputy Director of Public Works, Parks & Facilities


Randy Ishii

Chief of Public Works

(831) 784-5647

Chad Alinio

Senior Civil Engineer

(831) 755-4937

Jonathan Pascua

Senior Civil Engineer

(831) 755-8963

Enrique Saavedra

Senior Civil Engineer

(831) 755-8970

Shawn Atkins

Maintenance Manager


Jim Rodems

Chief of Parks

(831) 755-4831

Bryan Flores 

Admin Operations Manager

(831) 755-6425

John Akeman

Parks Planning Manager

(831) 755-4911

Jon Anthony

County Park Ranger Supervisor

(805) 237-3825

Lindsay Lerable

Chief of Facilities

(831) 755-5061

Florence Kabwasa-Green

Project Manager III

(831) 755-4805

Mario Salazar

Maintenance Manager

(831) 755-4869