How to Clear a Code Enforcement Action

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  1. Plan Check at the Government Center (1441 Schilling Place, 2nd Floor - South)
    If you received a Compliance Order or Stop Work Notice, go to the Government Center and initially meet with the Planning Department.  If you have any questions, contact the Code Enforcement Inspector assigned to your case.

  2. Apply for a permit.
    Simple permits can be issued "over-the-counter".  More complex applications are reviewed by County plan check technicians and/or engineers and other County agencies.  Click here for more on the plan check process.

  3. Schedule Inspections
    You are not done when the permit is issued. You must still schedule and pass all the inspections that are required for your permit. Once these are complete, you will receive a final inspection, at which time you will have finished the permit process.  Click here for more on the inspection process.

Note about "as-built" construction
If you received a Compliance Order for work that was already complete, you still must apply for a permit for that work.  You may be required to expose the inside of walls to verify structural requirements, or take other actions to verify that the construction complies with Building Code Requirements.