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Although every effort is made to provide complete and accurate information on this website and all its documents, users are advised to contact applicable County Resource Management Agency staff before making project decisions and fee estimates.


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Program Description:

RMA Environmental Services staff conduct site inspections, at various times during the construction process, to ensure compliance with Monterey County grading, erosion control, and stormwater management regulations.

In most cases, grading construction projects require professional inspections, grading in-progress reports, soil compaction (fill placement) testing, and a final grading report from a professional licensed engineer verifying that the grading construction was done correctly. To do this, the engineer must visit the site and inspect certain grading operations and perform soils tests. Therefore, you need to engage a consultant engineer before you start grading construction.

Be sure the engineer knows that the final grading report for the grading construction must verify all of the following:

  • Grading construction was done according to the approved plans - including the location and extent of grading, and the finish slopes of cuts and fills.
  • That area where fill is placed has been properly prepared (vegetation removed, keying and benching where required).
  • The fill has achieved at least 90% relative compaction throughout its depth.
  • Where a building pad is created, the pad is "suitable for its intended use" (i.e., to support a residential structure). This is particularly important when the building is partly on cut and partly on fill. The owner or contractor will need to submit a pad certification letter to the building inspector before you can pour your foundation.

Monterey County grading inspectors will inspect the grading construction on called inspections and they will request copies of the engineer's professional reports, letters, tests, and recommendations; insure work follows the approved grading plans, building codes and local ordinances, and assure a safe site development for public safety and welfare.


To schedule an inspection by phone, dial (831) 755-4800

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Pre-Construction Inspection:

During the Environmental Services Initial Inspection, RMA-Environmental Services staff will reviews plans with contractor, inform the contractor of necessary reports and inspections, ensures necessary erosion, sediment and pollutant controls are in place as per building plans & answer any questions the contractor may have.

During-Construction Inspection:

During the Environmental Services Active Construction, RMA-ES staff may do any/all of the following: collect compaction test reports from Geotechnical Engineer, inspect drainage device installations, inspect installation and effectiveness of erosion/sediment/pollutant control devices, verify pollutants are not discharged from the construction site.

Prior to Final Inspection:

During the Environmental Services Hold Final Inspection, RMA-ES staff may do any/all of the following: conduct Final Grading Inspection, collect Final Geotechnical Letter of Conformance, ensure that all disturbed areas have been stabilized and that all temporary erosion/sediment/pollutant control measures no longer needed have been removed.

ASBS Inspection:

Projects that continue construction during the rainy season in the ASBS are required to have weekly inspections. During this inspection RMA-ES staff must inspect installation and effectiveness of erosion/sediment/pollutant control devices, verify pollutants are not discharged from the construction site.


Monterey County Code, section 16.12.150

Inspection and compliance.

The Director of Building Inspection shall conduct inspections to ensure compliance with this Chapter.

  • Inspection: The following inspections may be performed by the Director of Building Inspection or his or her designee.
  1. Pre-site inspection: To determine the potential for erosion resulting from the proposed project.
  2. Operation progress inspections: To determine ongoing compliance.
  3. Final inspection: To determine compliance with approved plans and specifications.
  • Notification: The permittee shall notify the Director at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to start of the authorized work, and also twenty-four (24) hours prior to any inspection requested by permittee or permittee's authorized agent.

  • Right of Entry: The filing of an application for a development permit constitutes a grant of permission for the County to enter the permit area for the purpose of administering this Chapter from the date of the application to the termination of the erosion control maintenance period. If necessary, the Director of Building Inspection shall be supplied with a key or lock combination or shall be permitted to install a County lock.