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Monterey County Code

Chapter 16.08 - Grading

The purpose of Monterey County Code Chapter 16.08 is to safeguard health, safety, and the public welfare; to minimize erosion, protect fish and wildlife; and to protect the natural environment of Monterey County. This chapter sets forth rules and regulations to control all grading, including excavations, earthwork, road construction, and fills and embankments. It establishes the administrative procedure for issuance of permits, and it provides for approval of plans and inspections of grading construction.

Chapter 16.12 - Erosion Control

The purpose of Monterey County Code Chapter 16.12 is to eliminate and prevent conditions of accelerated erosion that have led to, or could lead to, degradation of water quality, damage to property, loss of topsoil or vegetation cover, disruption of water supply, and increased danger from flooding. This chapter requires control of all existing and potential conditions of accelerated (human-induced) erosion. It sets forth the required provisions for project planning, preparation of erosion control plans, runoff control, land clearing, and winter operations. It also establishes procedures for administering those provisions.

Chapter 16.14 - Urban Stormwater Quality Management and Discharge

The purpose of Monterey County Code Chapter 16.14 is to enhance watercourses within the unincorporated Urbanized Areas by, among other methods, controlling the entry of urban pollutants into stormwater runoff that may enter the County storm drain system. Other goals of this chapter include, but are not limited to, benefit the people and the environment of the County by protecting water quality in the waters within its jurisdiction, reduce the presence of pollutants in stormwater to the maximum extent practicable, and effectively prohibit non-stormwater discharges into the County storm drain system.