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Other Stormwater Permits

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In addition to the Phase II Municipal General Permit, the State Water Resources Control Board has established other programs that regulate stormwater and non-stormwater discharges  from other types of facilities and operations.  The Phase II Municipal General Permit regulates discharges from municipally-operated storm drain systems  (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems, MS4s) for municipalities with populations less than 100,000.  For medium and larger municipalities (greater than 100,000 population), individual Phase I MS4 Permits are issued directly to each city to address city-specific issues that affect receiving water quality.

Construction General Permit

Construction projects that result in greater than one acre of soil disturbance, or smaller projects that are part of a larger plan of development (such as development of a single subdivision lot) are required to receive a permit from the State Water Resources Control Board.  Applicants are required to minimize the potential of discharging pollutants from their active construction projects, from commencement of soil disturbing activities through to final site stabilization.

Industrial General Permit

Stormwater discharges from industrial facilities in ten broad categories of industrial activities are regulated under the State Water Resources Control Board's  recently updated Industrial General Permit.  Manufacturing operations and facilities specified in the IGP are required to employ the Best Available Technology Economically Achievable (BAT)  and Best Conventional  Pollutant Control Technology (BCT) to achieve performance standards spelled out in the permit. 

Caltrans General Permit

The State Water Resources Control Board also regulates the California Department of Transportation as a Discharger of pollutants from the municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) that it operates.  The Caltrans Permit operates similar to the other MS4 permits, but accommodates Caltrans' unique situations and the vast system that it operates throughout the state.   Construction projects conducted within the State right of way may be covered under the Caltrans permit, or may require additional  Municipal or Construction General Permit coverage.   

Other Permits

In addition to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits discussed above that are regulated by the State Water Resources Control Board, other permits from other regulatory agencies are likely to be required.   The Regional Water Quality Control Boards issue Water Quality Certifications (401 Certifications); the California Department of Fish and Wildlife issues Streambed Alteration Permits (Section 1600 Permit); the US Army Corps of Engineers issues Permits for the Discharge of Dredged or Fill Materials into waters of the US (Section 404 Permit).