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Spill Response and Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination.

Discharges of pollutants into and from the County's storm drain systems are prohibited under Monterey County's Stormwater Ordinance (MCC, Section 16.14) and its Phase II Municipal General Permit.  When spills or intentional discharges occur, the County is responsible to eliminate the source of the pollutant and is authorized to require remediation of harmful conditions that would allow pollutants to continue to discharge into the protected waterways in Monterey County.  

When a spill is observed, concerned parties should dial 911 to report it and dispatch emergency responders to the scene.  For non-emergency situations, RMA Environmental Services is responsible for responding to calls and complaints of illicit discharges - discharges of pollutants that are prohibited in the County's storm drains and receiving waters.  RMA Environmental Services will visit the site of the reported discharge and conduct an investigation to identify its source.  Once the source is discovered, the County is authorized to eliminate the discharge and may require the situation to be remediated. 

The actions the County will take are more fully  presented in the County's Spill Response Plan.  The Plan outlines the actions RMA Environmental Services will take when a spill or illicit discharge is reported, including schedules for compliance and enforcement actions that it is authorized to undertake.