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Advisory Council

Role of the AAA Advisory Council
The Older Americans Act of 1965 states that every Area Agency on Aging must establish an advisory council consisting of diverse members, those that live in rural areas, and participants in programs supported by the AAA. Members are responsible for providing input on the development and implementation of the area plan to meet priority needs of seniors.

Benefits of Council Membership

  • Learn about current and emerging aging issues.
  • Become familiar with services offered in Monterey County.
  • Meet key people that are providing services to seniors.
  • Provide input and review planned services.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Opportunity to attend events and advocate for senior services.
  • Make a difference for older adults in Monterey County!


Council Composition
The Monterey County AAA Advisory Council consists of up to 15 members. Each election official of the Board of Supervisors makes one appointment equaling five District members. Another ten members are considered Community-at-Large Representatives and are recommended by the Advisory Council to the Board of Supervisors for formal appointment.

Attributes of Council Members
Anyone passionate and interested in aging issues can be an Ideal candidate for the AAA Advisory Council. Often there is a need to recruit someone over the age of 60 and/or agency representatives that are knowledgeable about services for seniors. Council members are considered part of the team along with AAA staff and should have the commitment, energy and time to volunteer for the Council.

Time Commitment
The term for members is a three year appointment and may have the opportunity to continue. Members must stay informed and review information sent by AAA staff, attend Council Meetings and participate in at least one committee.

  • Council Meetings are held six times a year. Please take a look Council Meeting Schedule and consider attending.
  • Committee Meetings are held as needed but are typically scheduled every other month. Current Committees include:
    • Executive Committee
    • Planning, Evaluation and Allocations Committee
    • Legislation and Advocacy Committee