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Area Plan

2016-2020 Area Plan
Every four years, each Area Agency on Aging in California is required to evaluate the needs of seniors in their area and develop a plan to meet those needs. The first step is an assessment of senior issues and service needs for the local area. That can include surveys, review of U.S. Census information, focus groups, and considering other research findings. The next step is to prioritize those identified needs and develop a plan on how to best use scarce resources.

The Monterey County AAA 2016-2020 Area Plan includes the results of a local needs assessment as well as a step by step approach in continuing vital services. There are a couple of new services proposed that will begin as small pilot projects.

Area Plan Update
Each year, the AAA takes a look at the accomplishments of the past year and makes adjustments for the year ahead. The Area Plan Update is done for the three years following the full Area Plan.
Although the Area Plan Update is not a stand-alone document and it is recommended to review the full Area Plan first, it does include service projections for the next year and unforeseen service changes. For example: The Area Plan Update includes community education services that were not included in the 2016-2020 Area Plan.

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Click on picture below to see the full document
2016-2020 Area Plan Cover