Library Policy

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Monterey County Law Library Circulation and Use Policy:


The Monterey County Law Library is open to the public.  The staff is dedicated to helping the lay person navigate the library and find the information he or she is  seeking.   Law library staff cannot do more than assist patrons in the location of material and  information.  Please don't ask the staff to interpret the law for you.

Who may check out books?

The Monterey County Law Library does not circulate books to the general public.  To check out a book, you must either be a licensed (State of California) attorney or county employee.  A good local  address and phone number must be provided to the librarian prior to removing books.

If an attorney or firm wishes to send their staff to check out books, the staff person will use the attorney or firm name and the attorney or firm will be liable if the book is not returned.  An honor policy check-out, check-in  sheet is maintained.

What books circulate?

West's California Reporters
West's Federal Reporters and Supplement
U.S. Supreme Court Reporter Lawyers Edition
Most C.E.B., Rutter, and other Practice Books.

Code books, rules, regulations both state and federal do not circulate.

Cal Jur, Witkin, and most form books, including Bender do not circulate.

Note:  One day is the longest that a book may circulate. This means overnight on a business day or until the next business day if the book is taken on a Friday or before a holiday.

Most books have a sticker indicating whether or not they circulate. If in doubt ask the librarian.


Taking a book from the library which does not circulate or without properly checking it out will be considered theft.


The check-out and theft policy applies to all individuals and through any individual to an attorney or firm.