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The Water Resources Agency manages, protects, stores and conserves water resources in Monterey County for beneficial and environmental use, while minimizing damage from flooding to create a safe and sustainable water supply for present and future generations.

Boat Docks

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Residential Boat Docks On Nacimiento Reservoir

photo of residential boat docks on Nacimiento reservoir

Residential boat docks are permitted on Nacimiento Reservoir provided they comply with Monterey County Water Resources Agency Ordinance No. 4065. Each dock must be designed, constructed and maintained so that the dock or any of its parts will not capsize, break up, or slip its moorings and float at large on the surface of the lake.

New dock owners must submit a Residential Dock License Application along with proof of liability insurance and proof of property ownership prior to obtaining a license from MCWRA. Once the Application has been approved by MCWRA a dock license number is provided to the new dock owner. This number must be placed on the dock in such a manner that it is visible from the water. Guidelines for licensing and anchorage are provided in the Ordinance.

Dock licenses are renewed annually. The dock year begins April 1 and ends the following year on March 31.

Thank you in advance for your efforts to comply with Ordinance No. 4065. By doing so, you help the Monterey County Water Resources Agency keep Nacimiento Reservoir a safe and enjoyable recreational resource.

For further information please contact MCWRA at (831) 755-4860.

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