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The Water Resources Agency manages, protects, stores and conserves water resources in Monterey County for beneficial and environmental use, while minimizing damage from flooding to create a safe and sustainable water supply for present and future generations.


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photo of the mouth of the Salinas River Lagoon
Mouth of Salinas River Lagoon

The 1997 Salinas River Lagoon Management and Enhancement Plan was prepared to address issues and concerns relating to the lagoon. The Salinas River Lagoon project area includes the lower end of the Salinas River. The plan was developed through consultation with the Salinas River Lagoon Task Force. The Task Force was composed of federal, state, and local agencies, along with local agricultural representatives. The management and enhancement plan includes recommendations for hydrology/breaching, vegetation and wildlife, fish and aquatic resources, and water quality.

The Salinas River Lagoon Management and Enhancement Plan was adopted, along with a Negative Declaration, by the Board of Supervisors. It laid out the ground work for future projects, such as the Old Salinas River Slidegate, and programs that are still in effect today, such as the Salinas River Mouth Breaching now known as Salinas River Lagoon Sandbar Management.

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