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Blanco Drain And Reclamation Ditch Water Rights Diversion Projects

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The Blanco Drain and Reclamation Ditch Water Rights Diversion Projects are a component of the Pure Water Monterey Project, a water recycling and groundwater replenishment project developed by two public agencies: Monterey Peninsula Water Management District and Monterey One Water (M1W). The project, adopted by the two agencies in 2012, proposes to reduce water use from the Carmel River, the Seaside Basin, and the Salinas Valley Basin.   In doing so, the intent is to help restore reliability of surface water and groundwater in the region. Treated water from this project will have many uses, including potable water, irrigation supply, and groundwater recharge.

MCWRA may utilize available water treatment capacity in the Pure Water Monterey project  to treat the water from the Blanco Drain and Reclamation Ditch and for irrigation supply through the Castroville Seawater Intrusion Project (CSIP). Utilizing the treated water supplies instead of groundwater will reduce groundwater  pumping by an estimated 2,000 AF per year in the Salinas Valley Basin.

Benefits of using the new water source for irrigation:

  • Supply is drought Proof
  • Solution is part of a Regional Water Supply project
  • Helps reduce seawater intrusion advancement
  • Cost effective water supply project that is under local control
  • Treats impaired agricultural surface waters
  • Limited energy use results in a low carbon footprint
  • Provides a sustainable water supply
  • Shares water rights acquisition and capital improvement costs

In 2018, MCWRA and M1W prepared a New Source Waters Report to provide a cost analysis for the operation, maintenance, and capital costs for New Source Water Facilities.  The next step to determine specific rates and charges for final consideration on whether or not to participate are currently underway. This is expected to be completed in 2019. The New Source Waters Report is available here.

 The Pure Water Monterey Project is currently under construction, with activities focused on constructing diversion facilities in the Reclamation Ditch and Blanco Drain, injection wells in the Seaside groundwater basin, and an advanced water purification facility at the Monterey Regional Treatment Plant. The project is expected to be fully operational by 2020.

 Additional resources about the Pure Water Monterey Project are located at: http://purewatermonterey.org/



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