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Dams and Reservoirs
(Nacimiento, San Antonio)

Nacimiento and San Antonio reservoirs are managed for the combined goals of flood protection, water conservation, Salinas Valley Water Project operation, and recreation with safety always being the primary consideration.... READ MORE

Salinas Valley Water
Project, Phase II

The Salinas Valley Water Project, Phase II will put to beneficial use the water right allocated to MCWRA by Water Right Permit #11043 by further developing surface water resources that will be used to offset groundwater pumping..... READ MORE

Nacimiento-San Antonio
Interlake Tunnel

Diverts water from Nacimiento Reservoir to San Antonio Reservoir which would otherwise been spilled at Nacimiento Dam. The Nacimiento river basin produces nearly three times the average annual flow of the San Antonio river basin... READ MORE

Castroville Seawater Intrusion Project (CSIP)

Monterey County Water Recycling Projects, a combination of the Castroville Seawater Intrusion Project and the Salinas Valley Reclamation Project, began construction in 1995 and started delivering recycled water to fields near Castroville in 1998... READ MORE

Nacimiento Dam Hydroelectric Plant

At the Nacimiento Dam, there is an indoor powerplant housing two small hydroelectric units. Unit one is a Francis turbine with rotor and stator capable of generating up to 4418 kVA... READ MORE

Salinas River Diversion Facility (SRDF)

The Salinas River Diversion Facility (SRDF) was constructed to provide treated (filtered and chlorinated) river water for irrigation, significantly reducing the need to pump groundwater except in periods of extremely high demand.... READ MORE

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