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Salinas River Diversion Facility (SRDF)

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The Salinas River Diversion Facility (SRDF) was constructed to provide treated (filtered and chlorinated) river water for irrigation, significantly reducing the need to pump groundwater except in periods of extremely high demand. Without this project, seawater intrusion would continue to advance and there would be a continuing need for groundwater extraction to meet the irrigation needs of the growers in the CSIP area. At the request of growers, MCWRA has constructed a project that supplies a water source of a quality which equals, if not exceeds, the recycled water they have been receiving for more than 10 years. The SRDF is located approximately 5 river miles upstream of the mouth of the Salinas River, near the City of Marina. The SRDF dam has two main sections, the Regulating Weir (which has one gate) and the Main Section (which has 8 gates). The SRDF incorporates a fish ladder to allow fish passage up and down river when the dam is raised.

photo of Salinas River Diversion Facility
Looking upstream at Diversion Facility rubber dam

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