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The Monterey County Public Authority strives to keep an accurate provider Registry in order to match available providers who want to work with consumers who need assistance. Please help keep our Registry accurate and up to date. Registry Providers are required to update their work availability between the 1st and the 5th of every month. Providers that do not update their work availability will not be referred.
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Please enter only the days/shifts you are willing to accept work. Entering every shift will not guarantee you will be referred.Any provider who agrees to work a day and/or shift, and refuses to accept work for that day and/or shift will receive a warning letter. After two warning letters, providers will be required to meet with the Public Authority social worker before being referred to new clients. Failing to meet with the Public Authority social worker will result in your profile being placed on hold with the Registry. You will not be referred for any work from the Registry until the hold is removed.

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