1. Instructions
  2. Applicant Detail
  3. New MA
  4. Retreat MA
  5. Selective Treatment Area
  6. Mitigation
  7. Submittal

Welcome! Now is the time to plan for the upcoming maintenance season. The Monterey County Water Resources Agency (MCWRA) and the Resource Conservation District of Monterey County (RCDMC) invite you to complete the following form in order to allow us to plan for the work season.

In order to have an accurate submittal, we recommend that you visit each of your work sites prior to filling out this form. Photographs of existing conditions as well as specific activities are required.
Important: Only activities described in this form will be submitted for regulatory approval.

The Form:
The tabs at the top of the form cover four main project activities:

1) New Maintenance Areas (MAs) that will have initial treatment this year
2) Retreatment of MAs that have previously been worked in
3) Work in Selective Treatment Areas (MAs 6.12 and 7.01 only)
4) Plans for mitigation (tree planting and Arundo mowing or spraying).

Please complete the information in the categories that apply to you. Each tab must be completed prior to submittal of the form. You can save your changes and complete the form at another time by returning to the form and using your reference number displayed on the top of the page.

You will be asked to upload maps showing the location of each project activity. The maps are available for download once you select the RMU and MA where you would like to work. We recommend that you print the maps to have for reference as you go through the form. You may use as many maps as necessary to clearly show all project activities that are proposed. Slight changes to MA boundaries may be drawn on maps if necessary. Maps are a requirement for work plan approval and can be uploaded electronically or hard copies may be submitted to MCWRA.

Some MAs are located on multiple properties. Please complete the form with the work that you are going to be responsible for. We recommend that you coordinate early with adjacent landowners/participants in order to increase the chances of a MA being approved. Landowner Agreements will be required for each unique property prior to authorization of work.

This form must be completed and submitted by Friday, May 5th in order to meet the permit deadlines. Staff may follow up with you if we have any questions on your submittal. The completed set of work plans will be forwarded to agencies for approval. Work may not commence until all agreements are in place and authorizations are given by MCWRA. The expected start date for most activities is September 1st.

Please contact the following people if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist you:
John Roitz, MCWRA (831) 755-4819 or RoitzJS@co.monterey.ca.us
Emily Zefferman, RCDMC (831) 424-1036 ext. 129 or emily.zefferman@rcdmonterey.org
Shaunna Juarez, MCWRA (831) 755-4865 or JuarezSL@co.monterey.ca.us

Additional Program information and maps are available at: